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Leadership is no longer the private domain of corporate executives, civic leaders, and politicians. Leadership is practiced every day in small businesses, in classrooms, in local churches, on athletic fields, and yes, in homes. Seven eLements of Leadership for a New Breed of Leader is a book for people who believe leadership is about serving others, people who care about developing themselves and bringing out the very best in everyone around them.

The fundamental principles of leadership are invariable, and this book explains them as simple concepts that can yield extraordinary results in your life and career. The Seven eLements of Leadership are so simple that you could make a case that they are common sense. The issue for leaders today is that the eLements are not common practice.

“It is a formula for anyone — from student-body president to CEO — that can be used to ensure success,” explains author Mike Pitcher. “Leadership is about relationships, and how you influence others. This knowledge assists any leader in building deeper, more meaningful relationships with not only coworkers, but family and friends.”

The days of the traditional corporate leader are dead — or at least those days are numbered. The image of the stodgy, omnipotent, and overbearing manager who barks orders at subordinates or wears Prada while mopping the floor with her staff is what many people think of when they hear the term “boss.”

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It’s no wonder young adults, middle managers, committee members, and civic volunteers have begun to avoid leadership positions. Being in charge just doesn’t sound like fun. When considering a leadership path, many high potential candidates have begun to ask the question, “Is it worth it?”

Recently, however, that “take no prisoners” style is morphing into a kinder, gentler approach. Not at all a pushover or “yes” man or woman”, the new breed of leader understands that authenticity, integrity, caring, and service are the cornerstones of today’s successful leader. Add to that the Seven eLements that form the foundation of great leadership, and you can build a career and a life that exemplifies true leadership.

Seven eLements of Leadership for a New Breed of Leader outlines the seven core elements

of effective leadership — Laugh, Learn, Listen, Language, Lagniappe, Legacy, and Love. With each element broken down in a way that readers can easily incorporate into their day, Pitcher hopes to give readers a time-tested method on good leadership. Looking at leadership with a more holistic view, the book provides a strategy for leadership in business, in community, and in your family.

“Leadership is simple, but it is not easy,” shares Pitcher. “The book clearly provides a roadmap on increasing one’s sphere of influence, and thus becoming a more effective leader.”

buy Seven eLements of Leadership on Amazon

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